Why HE Detergent?

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Why HE Detergent?

Why HE detergent?

There is a lot of confusion among some consumers as well as many opinions about the use of HE detergents. With the new high efficiency washing machines built today HE detergent is the only detergent that should be used. Using traditional detergents in these new machines causes many problems. The most critical is the creating of too much suds in the washers that are designed to use less water.

HE detergents are low sudsing and specially designed to provide clean wash loads with less water. Use of regular or traditional detergents not only confuse the washing machines sensing ability but can also create enormous stress on some critical components that may result in early part failure,  some of which are critical components that can be very expensive.

READ LABELS CAREFULLY!     Some detergents label their detergents as “HE Compatible”.  We advise that you do not use these in your low water machines.  These detergents are often regular sudsing detergents with slight modifications or no modifications at all.   This applies to both front loading and top loading HE washers. With the new water standards by the EPA most units built today are low water models.

The wash action of many HE washers will create more suds with regular detergents than would be found in your classic washer. This will limit the cleaning ability of the detergent to remove stains resulting in poor performance and can stress the tub or create fault codes also known as “ Suds Lock”.

The picture above shows what can happen when regular detergent is used. This machine drum support failed due to the stress of the suds not allowing the drum to spin freely during the high spin portion of the cycle. Each manufacture has specific recommendations so please read your manuals and follow the manufacture guidelines for washing and you will save energy, water, and get the best results from your washer.  HE detergents can be found in most brands and are specifically designed to maximize the enhanced performance of your appliance.  Using traditional detergent in lower quantities deos not present a work around, your clothes will simply just be less clean and can contribute to an odor  in your machine.  If you develop an odor in your machine please give us a call we have special chemicals not availiable in stores to treat this condition.

Here is a useful article from the American Cleaning Institute.

If you have any questions please call our office and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have..

Look for this logo on your detergent and read the label carefully.


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